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Anse Cocos

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It may be a 30 minute walk on from Grande Anse, but Anse Cocos is well worth the hike. A stunning sweep of sand with a steep slope into the rocky waters, Anse Cocos is picture-perfect - and all the more rewarding for the fact you found it all by yourself. As well as the beautiful china-white sands you've seen at Petite & Grande Anse, Cocos also benefits from beautiful boulders to rival those at Anse Source D'Argent at the far end of the bay - yet is far more secluded, with few people making the trek all the way from Grand Anse.

Once again it is not safe to swim on this beach - and it is so deserted that help would take a long time to arrive should you get into trouble. Thankfully, if you fancy a dip after the hot walk here you can head to the far side of the beach where there is a natural pool sheltered from the worst of the waves by the surrounding boulders.

Anse Cocos can be challenging to find from Petite Anse, as the path is unmarked and doesn't begin at the end of the beach, as you'd expect.

Instead, there is a path about 1/3 of the way along Petite Anse as you arrive from Grande Anse, which heads inland away from the sea before passing through a large field. Cross the field, following the path parallel to the sea, and you will find the way up the boulders and over the forested headland, marked with an occasional arrow hung from a tree.

After following the path around the contours of the hill and descending back down to sea level, take the right fork in the path to head to the beach.

For the intrepid, it is possible to take a walk to Anse Cocos via Anse Caiman and Anse Fourmis, but the route takes hours and is not to be attempted without a guide - tourists have been known to get lost for up to three days in the dense jungle.