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Anse Georgette

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Anse Georgette is outstandingly beautiful, and an unsung hero of Praslin's beaches. While Anse Lazio wins awards worldwide, Anse Georgette keeps quiet, hidden away in the grounds of the Constance Lemuria resort, remaining empty, untouched and a wonderful shade of blue. What makes it so unique - apart from being completely undeveloped - is that there isn't a single rock or piece of coral in the bay, allowing the white sands on the sea bed to create a wonderful turquoise coloured water that is unblemished. In our view it is the most attractive beach on the island - but it is unsafe to swim due to strong waves and currents that threaten to pull you out to sea.

It's location is both a blessing and a curse. For guests at the Constance Lemuria the situation couldn't be better - the beach is set away from the resort across the golf course, with an hourly buggy service to drop you on the beach, and towels, water and optional picnics provided. For visitors from outside the resort the process is more complicated, as the resort seek to limit the number of visitors to preserve the beauty of the site. This means you will need to call ahead and plan a time to visit the beach - frustrating, to be sure, but the advantage is that few will make the effort, keeping this wonderful place quiet and empty, unlike the famous Anse Lazio or Anse Source D'Argent that can heave with people at peak times.