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Anse Intendance

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Anse Intendance is one of Mahe's most famous beaches, a wild and remote yet beautiful stretch of coastline in the fast south west, populated by just one exclusive resort - The Banyan Tree - which is made up of pool villas spread along part of the beach and the headland to the north of the bay.

Public access is to the south of the bay, where a well marked path through the jungle to the side of the resort leads you to the beach, immersed in the sounds and atmosphere of the forest. There are no shops or houses here but the hotel does run a small bar with wooden stools carved from tree trunks where you can get a drink before the sun sets. The beach is also watched over by a lifeguard from Banyan Tree, though it is said to be unsafe to swim from June to September. From this end of the beach the resort is barely in sight, and the resort is exclusive enough that your view up the beach is not spoilt by hundreds of sunbeds or holidaymakers.

The road winding down through the forest from Quatre Bournes to Anse Intendance is a beautiful drive - at times you can see straight across the forest to the sea, at others you are in dense forest with lush vegetation all around. There is the odd house on the way down, one of which operates a fruit and veg stall, but you can tell you are leaving the town far behind