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Anse Lazio

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At the end of the road on the north west coast, over a jungle clad hill lies Anse Lazio, possibly the most beautiful beach you will set eyes upon. With half a mile of perfect, fine white sands and gorgeous turquoise waters that are so clear you can watch the fish swim around you, it's no surprise Anse Lazio is frequently called 'the best beach in the world'.

It's easiest to reach the beach by car - the bus stops at the last settlement near the bottom of the hill to Zimbabwe, leaving you to trek over a large forested hill and along some way before you reach the beach. However you arrive, the journey is well worth the effort with views that take your breath away and good swimming for much of the year.

There's no doubt that Anse Lazio deserves its reputation - it really is a spectacular sight - but its fame has lead to great popularity, meaning that at some time the beach can be full of people, tour groups and day trippers from Mahe. The only way to avoid this is to try and time your visit right - early in the morning is best, and while sunset isn't deserted the minibuses will have gone home and you can enjoy a stunning sunset with just a few other committed beachgoers.

There are lifeguards on this beach - rare for the Seychelles - and for much of the year the water is flat and glassy, but at times the waves and currents on this beach can be dangerous, so do take care and think twice if the sea is looking rough.