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Police Bay & Petite Police

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The road to Police Bay is longer than it appears on the map, taking you in and out of dense forest and jungle on a raised concrete road - at times the forest floor may be a metre or more below your wheels, so you will be grateful to know the road is practically deserted, rising up a big hill past the turning to Anse Intendance before falling, twisting and turning through the trees
Every now and then you pop out into a small cluster of houses - and amazingly, even on this remote road are bus stops for those travelling by public transport. At last you reach sea south coast, where you're in for a treat.

This beach may not be for swimming - a spine of flat rock runs along the beach just below the waterline, with more jagged rocks out to sea - yet unlike many of the pristine beaches around the islands that are deserted but feel calm, this is a real wild beach with waves crashing against the rocks. If your resort's manicured beach with gentle waves lapping at your feet has grown tiresome, this is where you come to feel the power of the ocean.