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Seychelles Islands

Chauve Souris Island

Chauve Souris is only an island at high tide. At low tide, it is part of a peninsula extending from Praslin Island, and guests can freely walk from one to the other. Chauve Souris is its own little world, partially separate but enjoying the facilities and activities of the larger island.

Island History

Like all the Seychelles, Chauve Souris and Praslin Island have a history filled with color and adventure. These islands have not always been the lush tourist attractions they are today. They began appearing on European maps in the early 16th century , but they were too isolated to arouse much interest. Only when the spice trade opened up with India did the nations of Europe start noticing the Seychelles because of their strategic position in the Indian Ocean.

Cerf Island

Cerf Island is one of the unspoiled jewels of the Seychelles. Located in one of the lushest and most beautiful marine environments in the world, it offers a rare experience for divers and all lovers of nature. Here, a tranquil setting, luxurious accommodation and stunning natural beauty combine to create a tropical Paradise that is a complete departure from overcrowded tourist traps. The beaches look like pictures from a storybook, the ocean is still in its pristine state and all of it is just waiting to be discovered by the eager traveler.

Silhouette Island

Twenty kilometers to the northwest of Mahé, the Seychelles' best known island, lies Silhouette Island, the third largest of the archipelago's granitic island.

Silhouette Island is home to the Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa, a five-star resort, as well as incense trees, 125 year old giant tortoises and an abundance of other rare plants and animals. The island has been a marine national park since 1987. Over 92 percent of the island has been designated a protected area.